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What’s Your Group Project Personality?

A deeper look into your group project working habits. 

By Susie Rios

The two words students dread most: group project. Inevitably, throughout college you’re bound to work on at least a few group projects. Some students thrive while others tend to fall short and underperform. 

This quiz will help you find out exactly which of the four group member personalities you embody, so you can pick your group partners wisely.

How do you react when a group project is announced?

  1. A)   No doubt, I’ll be the leader of the group.
  2. B)   I sink into my seat because I dread the thought of having to work with others.
  3. C)   I don’t mind because I normally work well with others. 
  4. D)   I really don’t care; I’m just trying to pass the class.

Which answer below best describes your work ethic?

  1. A)   I tend to be demanding, have zero tolerance for slackers, and like to have my work done ahead of the due date, so my group mates better be prepared to work.
  2. B)   I’m not exactly lazy, but I won’t go above and beyond what’s expected of me.
  3. C)   I like to work smarter, not harder. I’ll offer my help if any of my group mates fall behind.
  4. D)   I’ll wait until the last minute to get my work done, AKA pull an all-nighter in a scramble to get everything done the night before the project is due.

What is normally your role while working in a group?

  1. A)   I’m the one who delegates the work and I’m constantly checking on the work of my group members because I don’t trust them.
  2. B)   I’m shy and reserved; I tend to go along with what the majority of the group decides.
  3. C)   I’m the voice of reason in my group and always end up being the peacekeeper.
  4. D)   I’d rather surf the web than engage with my group members—if I’m even there.

Based on your answers above, you most likely possess one of these group project personalities:

If you answered mainly As: The Bossy Bitch 

If you answered mainly Bs: The Silent One

If you answered mainly Cs: The True Leader

If you answered mainly Ds: The Lazy Ass

Now that you’re aware of which group personality you have, you can take the necessary steps to improve your performance for your next group project — because we all know they’re unavoidable!

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