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Video: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night … Literally

They went to Frosty’s Forest seeking thrills, but these CSUF students were shocked by Friday night’s storm

media by Gunner Teixeira

On Friday, Oct. 12, at Frosty’s Forest Christmas Trees & Pumpkin Patch in Chino, fall festivities were running full steam with bounce houses, carnival games, and pumpkin patches. These CSUF students wanted to challenge themselves with a corn maze, but things got unexpectedly soggy.

Rebekah Wong, a second-year history major, was living for the rain.

“It actually started raining when I was in the corn maze, which made it spooky,” she said. “You could see lightning and hear thunder, which was a super cool effect by mother nature.”




Prices range from $3-$5 between the weekdays and weekends for general admission. There are additional fees of $6-$8 for the original corn maze, and $15 for the haunted one. (We weren’t expecting either to chill us to our bones!)



The fun doesn’t end at Halloween, however. Coming in late 2018, Frosty’s Forest will begin selling Christmas trees in Chino, Yorba Linda, and in Bakersfield.

Check out their website for more info:


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