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Vegetarian Food for the Soul

Here are three restaurants that won’t have you asking “Can I get this, but with no meat?” 

By Elizabeth Tovar

This one is for all our vegetarian friends out there. We understand your struggle, so we found some spots just for you! The best part is that they’re close to campus and won’t have you feeling like a broke(r) college student.


  1. The Port of Peri Peri


With plates under $10, Port of Peri Peri needs to be your next lunch spot. The “Veggie Delights” menu is a mixture of Indian and Mediterranean food featuring a sauce made from “African Bird’s Eye” chilis. Its most popular dish is the “Falafel and Rice.”  The falafel is crunchy yet soft, it doesn’t crumble, and you pick your seasoning on a BWW-like scale (if you can handle XXTRA hot Cheetos, get “hot”) and the rice is top-tier. 


Distance: 1.1 miles


      2.  Huntington Ramen and Sushi


 No more avocado rolls or lifeless ramen. Huntington offers a  FULL vegan menu. The ramen doesn’t go past $11 and you can get a roll with “crab” and “shrimp” for less than $10. The “Vegan Ecstasy” ramen is the house favorite, with cabbage, carrots, corn, tomato, broccoli, lotus root flavored tofu, green beans, and onion oil. If you’re over tofu, try the bowls featuring “ground pork” or “crispy chicken.” Have room for more? Treat yourself to some spicy gyoza for that filling cherry on top.


Distance: 1.5 miles


  1. Elbows Mac N’ Cheese


Mac and cheese and grilled cheese: staples in America and arguably the best comfort food. Elbows serves gourmet-style mac and cheese and specialty grilled cheeses under $10. Made with parmesan, mozzarella, cream cheese, spinach artichoke dip and topped with diced red onions and tortilla strips, the “Okey Dokey Artichokey” mac and cheese is the go-to for vegetarians. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, this mac is way too good for you to not try it.


Distance: 3.3 miles

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