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Boredom setting in now that we’re weeks into quarantine? Here are some ways the Tusk staff stays entertained whilst sheltered at home. 

By Zara Flores

With a stay-at-home order in place, we asked our Tusk staffers what they do to combat boredom while staying safe in isolation.

Janica Torres, Co-Managing Editor

Never bored; always busy. But in my spare time I go on night-owl hikes in the neighborhood (we have hella hills lol), perform shower and car karaoke, down ample amounts of whiskey, and smoke a shit ton of weed.

Michelle Ibanez, Co-Managing Editor

I honestly don’t do anything but watch Netflix, I could do it all day everyday and it helps me relax A LOT!!!!! I’ve been really into political drama shows, or thrillers about government conspiracies, rewatching Parks & Recreation for the fourth time, and catching up on my Spanish shows.

Michael Quintero, Creative Director

I’ll play video games like Rocket League and Call of Duty or listen to music whether it’s playing my vinyl collection, or searching the internet looking for new music. Some days I’ll drink some beers or liquor and paint now that I actually have time.

Zara Flores, Editorial

I love makeup so I’ve been experimenting with colors and trying out different looks. Then I’ll take it all off and go for a run.

Blake Mara, Editorial

When I’m not reporting news for the Daily Titan, I usually watch movies or play video games with a nice glass of whiskey in hand.

Noriko Ostroy, Editorial

Aside from working on stories and projects for school, I’ve been doing a lot of DIY projects! I’ve been learning how to make my own sugar wax, dog treats, face masks, hand sanitizer, etc.

Ellinor Rundhovde, Editorial

I’ve been weightlifting in a temporary home gym, doing jigsaw puzzles, and binge-watching The Walking Dead on Netflix.

Elizabeth Tovar, Co-Photo Director

I’m taking advantage of being with my siblings. I have three brothers so there are enough of us to play board games, watch TV with and not feel lonely, and workout with. Sometimes I’ll go up and smack one on the head and battle for a bit.

RJ Abesamis, Co-Photo Director

Playing a ton of Animal Crossing! Tom Nook is my bitch! Also, writing spoken word to nourish my broken heart, lol.

Chen Lieu, Art Director

I try to plan out my whole day and schedule breaks. I cook, watch movies, and play basketball in my backyard when I’m not doing homework or work for Tusk.

Jennifer Zhu, Design

As a graphic and interactive design major, I’ve spent a lot of my time sketching and illustrating and playing table games with friends on Zoom!

Kim Pham, Design

I’ve combatted boredom by indulging in makeovers, in every sense that it can be applied. I’ve rearranged my room, changed my hair, and spent too much money online shopping. This pandemic can’t stop me or you from achieving our desired aesthetics. So change whatever you want and whatever you can, because the world is doing it without permission anyway.

Hosam Elattar, Multimedia Manager

If I’m feeling bored, I’ll sit down and write a poem. Otherwise, I play video games, watch movies, or have Zoom calls with the homies.

Andrea Carvajal, Multimedia Manager

There’s a LOT of skincare happening over here. I have so many face masks that I’m finally testing out. I’ve also gotten back into painting and running because I have been non-stop eating… oops!

Angie Zubia, Digital Producer

I got sick during the pandemic (not sure if it was the virus) but I spent a lot of time playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, watching Gossip Girl, and taking naps with my puppy, Lola.

Emilee Allen, Digital Producer

I love to bake and having all this free time has allowed me to do a lot more baking than usual. And since the dog parks are all closed I’ve been taking my 2 dogs on really long walks to get them out of the house.

Gunner Teixeira, Digital Producer

My go-to things during social distancing are rocking out to my favorite songs and dancing around my apartment.

Kimberly Solis, Digital Producer

There’s never a time to be “bored” when you have a Mexican mom. There’s ALWAYS something to clean everyday and if it’s already clean, clean it again.

Jiyo Cayabyab, Social Media Manager

Online raves!!! I also like to make music and have been trying to learn all the things I’ve been putting off, oops!

Jessica Razo, Social Media Producer

I actually don’t have free time to be bored. I’m working at my internship remotely but I’m grateful to be as productive as before the quarantine.

Madison Frazer, Event Planning

I love finding new cocktails to try! This week’s cocktail was a fresh mint mojito in the tallest glass I own. Then I take my cocktail and hop onto Club Penguin (seriously, they’ve reached over six million players) and “hang out” with my friends.

Caroline Grupp, Event Planning

I combat boredom by deep cleaning my house while binge watching shows on Netflix. Cleaning gives me peace of mind!