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by Rivka Pruss

Stressed out from commuting to school or studying for that big exam? Have a gap between classes? Give yourself a healthy break. These on-campus activities will put your mind and body at ease.

Social butterfly or busy bee? Take a deep breath at the Arboretum.

1. Check out the CSUF Yoga Club

Put away the economics book and get into your Namaste pose. Yoga Club meets every Wednesday at 7 pm in Kinesiology 202. Their weekly workshops are catered to member’s needs, with different styles of yoga.

CSUF Yoga Club President Emerald Saling, who teaches the classes says students are “leaving their stresses at the door.”

The organization offers restorative yoga which Saling says helps relieve muscle tension and stress in the body and offers meditation for students “to incorporate into our daily lives.”

2. Say “ohm” at the Meditation Room

Now that you have learned how to meditate with the Yoga Club, head to the second floor of the Titan Student Union.

Tucked away towards the back of the building is the meditation room, where students can collect their thoughts or pray. The room has two lounge chairs, colorful mats, and prayer books.

When I visited, I took out my prayer book and delighted in having a space on campus to be in touch with spirituality.

A visit to the Arboretum will help you come out of your shell.

3. Take a walk through the Arboretum

This oasis on campus is a huge free garden open every day from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Arboretum has beautiful plants native to California. You can catch a turtle swimming in the lake or a monarch butterfly pollinating a flower.

CSUF student, Lydia Buenrostro, who was taking a painting class at the Arboretum says, “Spending the whole day, I’ve been thinking, I should come here more often. It’s so peaceful.”

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