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Here’s Where You Can Play With Dogs (For Free) At Cal State Fullerton

Did you know that once a month, you could be frolicking with dogs right on campus? All you need is an appointment with Student Wellness, a program that provides health and disability services to Titans.

TitanWell, part of Student Wellness, is the on-campus resource that offers three to five-minute visits with therapy dogs to assist students as they deal with their hectic lives.

A study on student stress relief with therapy dogs “revealed that the sessions had strong immediate benefits: significantly reducing anxiety and increasing happiness and energy levels.”

Therapy dogs provide loving affection, comfort, and companionship that bring a sense of calm to students. The emotional support from interacting with dogs increases levels of oxytocin and dopamine while lowering levels of cortisol built up from stress.

TitanWell is using this therapeutic quality of dogs on campus with the idea of providing students an outlet to relax and feel at ease for a few moments.

Freshman Emily Mifflin previously participated in dog therapy off campus and hopes students become aware of the benefits the program offers at CSUF.

“I don’t think enough people know about this opportunity on campus, and I think it is important that we make it work for everyone,” she says. “It’s so fun and beneficial.”  

Aside from dog therapy, TitanWell provides students with additional information on stress reduction and sleep deprivation upon request.

Dog therapy is available by appointment from 10 a.m. to noon on the Wednesdays of March 13, April 17, and May 8.

Sessions fill up quickly, so book your appointment in advance online or in person at the Student Wellness Center.

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