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As a student in Dr. Tara’s Sexual Communication class, I had the pleasure of having a candid Q&A full of details from her personal life, views regarding open relationships, sex and sexual insight.

By Yssa Almazan

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

My name is Tara Suwinyattichaiporn and I’m originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I came here for school and once I received my Ph.D from Arizona State University, I got hired at CSUF to teach full time as a tenure-track professor. 

I’ve taught Interpersonal Communication, Quantitative Research Methods, Social Media and Personal Relationships, now Sex Comm is my new class, and it’s been exhilarating, I love it so much.

Nice! What’s your favorite part about teaching the class?

My students. And how open and sex-positive they are. How much they allow me to explore different topics, and how much they are willing to participate is crazy. I’ve never seen such intimate participation and willingness to share vulnerable information in a classroom. 

I think a huge part of our willingness is the fact that you’re so open as our professor, and that’s why I love it so much.

I’m delighted to hear that because my whole goal when I started teaching this class was to be as open and non-judgemental as possible, so I can create a safe and informative learning environment for my awesome students.

 Has teaching Sex Comm enhanced your personal life with your husband in any way?

Yes, we have better sex! I am much more aware of my body and my sexual health as well as my husband’s,and how to enhance our sexual satisfaction.

Now I understand you’re an advocate for non-traditional relationships, what does that mean?

Well the definition is subjective. It means whatever you want it to mean. Maybe it’s time to stop asking how things are defined and define it yourself. 

Communicate with your partner and find out their likes and dislikes, what makes you feel good, what doesn’t make you feel good and go from there, you know? Keep trying new things, both relationship-wise and with sexual activities.

Speaking of sexual activities, this is where I ask you personal quickies about sex.

Oh, okay!

Favorite position?

Doggy. But passionate doggy. 

Craziest sexual experience?

I sat in on an orgy with two males and seven females—just as an observer! But it was still enigmatic and awesome to be a part of.  

Wildest fantasy?

Oooooh… having sex with Anne Hathaway. I love Anne Hathaway, she’s my favorite actress.

How do you feel about men moaning?

I like it unless it’s super loud and consistent, then it’s obnoxious. I hate when men are quiet because it’s like, are you satisfied or not?

Do you have any mottos that you live by?

(laughs) You only live once! I don’t understand when people are hesitant to do certain things like eat puffer fish for example. Who the fuck cares, you know?

That was so specific.

Or maybe having a threesome. If it’s safe and consensual, try it! You only live once!

Any plans beyond being a professor?

One day I want to write and publish a book about my relational and sexual experiences in a more relatable, funny, and open way that’s less stigmatized. Cause I think young people look to me for that, and I want to be that for them.

You actually are that person for me. Thank you so much Dr. Tara! Any last words?

Communication is extremely important in everything. In terms of expressing your sexuality, having sexual intercourse, or any kind of sexual activity, always speak up and communicate what you want. 

Because at the end of the day, only you know if you’ve achieved orgasm. You have to direct people and communicate what you like to take charge of your orgasm. There you go! Take charge of your orgasm!

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