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By Katie Kennedy

Online dating is the new way to meet people. It’s simple and convenient, but is it safe? These online dating tips will bring you peace of mind while preparing for your next date.

Check their social media

Don’t go into the date blindly. Check out their social media to see if they’re who they say they are. If their pictures don’t match up with what’s on their dating profile, they might not be real. A little reverse image search on Google never hurts either.

Let others know

Let others know the details of your date, like where you’re going and who you’ll meet. Share your location with multiple people and let them know the location of the date. Ask them to keep an eye on your location during the date to ensure that you are where you said you’d be.

Download apps that will keep you safe

The app SafeDate allows you to add your date plans, like where and who you’re going with. You can also add emergency contacts that will be alerted if you don’t check-in within a specific time frame. SafeDate can be downloaded here in the App Store.

Don’t share personal information

This might sound obvious, but don’t give out any personal information on dating apps. This is especially true for credit card information. Even something as simple as an address shouldn’t be shared on apps or until you’re sure you know who you’re talking to.

Meet somewhere public

When choosing a place to meet, make sure it’s in a public space. Meeting someone for the first time can be nerve-wracking, but being in a space with other people can make you feel more secure and ease your nerves. Don’t go to a secluded area; go where you know other people will be around.