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Sex Toys: The Best Bang for Your Buck

College students are good at two things: masturbation and procrastination. We can sit back and have fun until we realize we are just screwing ourselves.

We have roommates, we live in cramped apartments, and everyone is up in our business. But we have needs. When we talk about self-care, sex toys are often left out of the conversation.

Customer service rep. Eli Berrera from Spanky’s, a sex shop in Santa Ana, says, “Sexuality is not a bad thing. Don’t feel ashamed about things you want. Nothing is weird when it comes to sex toys.”

Just as we figure out our major, it’s important we figure out what toys we take pleasure in. That’s why Tusk compiled a list of the best-rated, most affordable, and easy-to-hide sex toys on the internet.

Lyps Hummingbird

Available at Amazon Prime for $15.99

Are you passionate about purple? This magenta waterproof vibrator comes with 50 different vibration settings and is a perfect companion for a candlelit bubble bath. It is USB chargeable and perfectly discreet for anyone with a clitoris and nosey roommates. Carry it around in your bag for fun on the go.

Double Stroke

Available at Spanky’s Online for $15.03

This penis masturbator has two sides so you can use it whichever way your shaft desires. The multipurpose toy can help enhance oral sex or magnify your masturbation experience, and is handy when you are trying to write that term paper or enjoying a much-needed break.

Alligator Nipple Clamps

Available at Goodvibes for $18.00

If you are looking to explore your wild side under the sheets, this toy is for you. Fun for anyone who enjoys nipple play and a tinge of pleasurable pain, these pinching puppies can be adjusted depending on the level of bite you want.

Anal Beads

Available at Spanky’s Online for $7.09

If one hole isn’t enough (and why should it be?) consider trying anal beads. Either use with your partner or by yourself, these beads have an easy to hold handle that lets you control how deep you want to probe. Just make sure to use lube to make the experience safe and slick. For students who love multitasking, anal beads can help make sex double the fun.

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