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Nine Curl Types

Get to know your waves and coils by identifying them based on these curl types

By: Annisa Charles


Knowing how tight your curls are will help guide you to the proper products based on how heavy the products may be in your hair. The looser the curl, the less product needs to be used. This is key to keeping your natural curl from weighing down. The tighter your curls, the more hydration your curls need to thrive.


There are nine curl types, and understanding your type can help kickstart your curl voyage. Type 2 can be seen as loose waves and can easily be straightened, but it cannot hold its shape as easily. Type 3 ranges from loose S-pattern curls to ringlets. And finally, type 4 is tighter, smaller curls when naturally dry–– which could also be called “kinky.” 


The looser curl types are 2A, 2B and 2C. The slightly tighter curls fall under 3A, 3B and 3C. Finally, the tighter curls fall under 4A, 4B and 4C. 


Hair grows differently out of the head based on where it is rooted, so it is normal for people to have multiple curl types.


According to the curl product brand Curlsmith, you likely have wavy hair if your hair bends into a loose S-shape. Your hair is likely classified as curly if you have a ringlet or corkscrew shape. And for those with coily hair types, their hair normally bends in a Z-shape or very tight, small coils.


Learn your curl type to better your hair and remember, everyone’s hair is different and having a mixture of curl types is normal.

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