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Nervous Butterflies?: Finding Love is Just Like Finding A Job

I hear it from my friends who are dating and sending resumes out to try and find a job: “I’m showing interest, but why aren’t they responding?” In both cases, maybe you came on too strong. Or maybe they’re just not that into you.

CSUF Communications career specialist Cassandra Thompson gave us some tips on finding that dream career and how it’s just like finding a partner:



Finding a Job Finding Love
Meeting People People exchange career interests and business cards at conferences and networking events.

Which connection will hook you up with a job?

We exchange data on dating apps, or we meet through mutual connections and social gatherings.

Will you swipe right on your next boo, or will they ghost?

Finding the One The first job may not be the right fit for you, but keep searching for that perfect fit. Dating different people helps you figure out what you want and don’t want in a partner.
Dress to Impress In The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda Priestly wants her assistant to dress with confidence whether for an interview or a day in the office.

Company culture should set the tone for your wardrobe.

Make the effort to dress for the occasion.

If the date is at a five star restaurant, wear a suit and tie or an evening gown. Not your typical t-shirt and jeans.

Follow up Send an email after the interview thanking them for their time. Tell them you look forward to learning more about the company. Message your love prospect after the date to say you had a great time and look forward to a second date.
Heartbreak You have been waiting for that call, but they went with another candidate.

Instead of anxiously relying on that one job, get back on the job hunt.

Tip: Ask for feedback after the interview if you want to know what went wrong. Sometime you’ll get an answer, but often not.

It didn’t work out, but don’t be down in the dumps.

There’s plenty of single people to mingle with and time to find the one.

If you feel like you are being lead on, keep steppin’.

Back on the market  Do your research. Resumes and job postings might be good in writing, but the candidate or future employer seems different IRL. They look great on their dating profile, but maybe they’re too good to be true. Don’t get catfished!

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