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Four Metaphysical Shop Must Haves

Let's get Metaphysical


An array of crystals, pendulums and towers from various local metaphysical shops. (PHOTO: MADDY MONROY)

By: Cameron Macedonio

Stepping into a metaphysical shop as a beginner is daunting. You might find yourself over-stimulated by the smoky scents and vibrant merchandise. Don’t even get me started on the seemingly infinite varieties of crystals.


Metaphysical stores sell items that are “spiritual,” such as tarot cards, crystals and incense. You don’t have to be of a particular religion or have spiritual beliefs to utilize metaphysical tools. Metaphysical items can often be used to relax, meditate, destress or help build up a stronger sense of self.


Going to a metaphysics store doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it should be the exact opposite. These four essential items can help get you started and aid you in your journey, whether it is a journey of self-discovery, self-care or pure curiosity. 


1. Crystals

Crystals are the most exciting item to purchase and can serve a wide array of duties. Typically, metaphysical shops will provide you with informational cards so you can know what purpose each crystal serves. 


Crystals are believed to harness special energies that can aid you in particular situations. These can manifest as overcoming negative experiences, balancing yourself or even manifestation. Set your intention, then carry your crystals in your purse, in your pocket or wear them as jewelry.


Pink rose quartz is a popular crystal for beginners as it promotes positivity and compassion, and it looks nice on an altar. Chalky-white howlite can help stimulate wisdom while also destressing the user and calming their communication. Deep blue sodalite can be used to ground a busy mind, allowing one to think rationally in troubling times. 



2. Charge with Selenite 

Your newfound crystal collection will be key to providing you with positive energies. However, just like any other being on our planet, crystals can run out of energy and need to be recharged. 


Crystals can be charged by setting them in the moonlight or by covering them in salt. However, the easiest way to charge a crystal would be by using selenite – also known as the charging crystal. Known for its divinely pure energies, selenite is believed to charge itself and any other surrounding crystals with its high vibrations. 


Purchase a bowl or a slab made of selenite. Put your other crystals inside to recharge them without waiting for the full moon or worrying about running out of salt for your dinner.


3. Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can be used as a tool for guidance. Tarot cards are believed to allow someone to receive messages from the universe and their spirit guides, letting them know if they are on the right path or providing general advice. 


Choose a tarot deck with a design that appeals to you. Most tarot decks contain the same cards, so there won’t be much difference between decks with the exception of the artwork displayed on them.


If you want a classic deck, a Rider-Waite tarot deck is one of the most widely used tarot decks. Find a tarot deck that comes with a handbook so you have a guide to all the meanings of the cards.


Set an intention before you pull cards, and light a candle to call in your spiritual guides. Shuffle the deck and lay them out in front of yourself, then choose one or three cards. You can ask a question to the universe before pulling a card, or let card #1 represent your past, card #2 represent your present, and card #3 represent your future.


4. Incense

Incense is typically sold in sticks or cones, but at its core, incense is just the burning of any plant materials. Burning incense can release scents believed to provide purification and aromatherapy, and each scent can provide a different service. 


Scents such as frankincense are known to clear bad energies and spirits, while sandalwood promotes willpower and can even act as an aphrodisiac. 


However, some commonly accessible incense is “closed practice,” meaning only members of a certain culture or tradition should utilize these tools. So don’t burn white sage, as it should be used only in indigenous communities.