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Which skates are right for you

Chicago Skates
























Rating: 3/5

Price Range: $50-$80

These skates are cheap in price and are a great beginner skate for anyone not willing to break the bank. We recommend changing the wheels to a harder outdoor wheel for skate parks, but if you  want to cruise around a tennis court or indoor rink these are great for that as well.

Moonlight Roller 






















Rating: 4/5

Price Range: $249-$279

With seven different styles to choose from, Moonlight Roller has a small but quality selection. Unique styles including Silver holographic, snake skin, Amethyst purple, Emerald green, and the classic black. They are attractive and sturdy skates, and they are a Black-owned business.

Chaya Skates





























Rating: 5/5

Price Range: $60-$250

Chaya offers multiple types of skates including derby, park, and recreational. They have flexible prices and a lot of options to choose from. Overall, they are quality skates for any terrain. The best part is, they offer payment options so no need to worry about paying up front.

Impala Skates





























Rating: 3/5

Price Range: $95-$140

These are another great beginner skate without having to pay a fortune. They offer both quad and inline skates with a fair variety of styles for both types. Although, the inline skates are a bit more expensive.

Fair warning: Skaters online have expressed Impala skates tearing and ripping at the base of the boot within months of purchasing. Quality may have improved since then.

Moxi Roller Skates




















Rating: 5/5

Price Range: $150-$380

These are very well-known and popular skates. They are expensive but they are 100 percent worth it based on the quality you will receive. They offer cheaper ​BeachBunny Skates​ for $150 but their most popular skates are the ​Lolly’s​ that are $300. These should be thought of as an investment and for serious skaters.

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