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Lovin’ on a Budget: Five Romantic Getaways on Campus

So you finally mustered the courage to ask that cutie that sits next to you in class out on a date and they enthusiastically said yes, but you don’t have the money to spoil the honey.

By Hosam Elattar

Here’s a list of the five best places on campus to take that special someone on a first date without hurting your already deprived wallet.

Take a romantic stroll through the Arboretum

It doesn’t get any more romantic than a stroll through a botanical garden while getting to know that special someone. The peaceful atmosphere makes this an ideal place to ask those first date questions and is conducive to flirting.

If you’re really trying to woo this person you can bring a blanket, pack some sandwiches, and have yourself a little picnic on the grass.

Sneak in a first kiss near the ponds with ducks and turtles splashing, serving as the perfect background music.

Bowling at the Titan Student Union

Take them to the bowling alley in the Titan Student Union and show off your skills in true “Lebowski” form. 

Bowling is a great way to let off a little steam and show a less serious side of you while trying to break the ice. 

You could sneak a game in between classes and find love between the bowling pins for only five dollars per person.

“Oedipus El Rey” or “The Moors” at Cal State Fullerton

If you both are Drama geeks you could dress to the tens and catch a show at one of the Theatre Halls on campus.

This November the production of “Oedipus El Rey” and “The Moors” will be performed by your fellow Titans. Tickets are $15 per person if you are CSUF student, alum or even member of the OLLI group on campus from Clays Performing Arts Center Box Office for “The Moors” and $8 for “Oedipus El Rey.”

Soccer games at CSUF

If the person whose interest you’ve sparked is a Titan fanatic, take them to a soccer game at Titan Stadium free of charge.

Reactions to close calls and bad referee decisions could help you determine if there will be a second date.

Sports are a great way to bond and connect to someone especially if both parties are in it to win it.

The men’s team will play UC Riverside on Saturday, Nov. 2 at 7 p.m. and the women’s team will play Cal State Northridge on Nov. 3 at 2 p.m. 

Open mics at the Titan Student Union Pub

For our artsy-fartsy community, the ideal first date might be to take this special someone to an Open Mic in the Titan Student Union Pub.

If you aren’t afraid to bare your soul on a first date, listening to other poets speak their truth on stage might get you both feeling some type of way.

Even renowned spoken word poets like Rudy Francisco come and perform on campus. The best part is- it’s free.

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