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It’s an Election Year. Here’s Why Your Vote Matters.

By: Nadya Orozco


As a member of Generation Z, you are part of one of the biggest voting block in the 2024 election, which means that your vote will be loud in the 2024 election. 


With 40.8 million members, including 8.3 million newly eligible youth from Gen Z hitting the polls, our generation’s impact on the election is huge. These numbers are not just big — they are game changers, showing how much influence and power we have as a generation to sway election outcomes and shape the political landscape for years to come.


According to Matthew Jarvis, a Cal State Fullerton political science professor, California is where a person’s voice is most likely to be heard. Fewer people have been voting in primary elections, meaning we need to pick up the slack in the presidential elections this November.

So listen up, Gen Z: You have the power to make moves, shake things up and mold America into the kind of place you want it to be. Your voice matters, your choices matter. And your vote? It’s a game-changer. Here’s how you can exercise your civic responsibility to get out and vote.

In-person voting:

When Election Day rolls around, this is where the magic happens. You pull up to an actual polling location in your voting district and cast your paper ballot or punch in your choices on the electronic voting machines. You can find your local polling location by visiting


Absentee or Mail-In Voting:

Want to avoid the crazy lines on Election Day? Then this is the method for you. 


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, California now sends mail-in or drop-off ballots to all state registered voters. Rather than voting in person, you can vote by mail in the comfort of your home. You fill out your ballot with the help of your voter’s guide, then return it at the post office or your local ballot box. Ballot box locations can be found at  


Early Voting: 

California offers a more flexible way to vote with early voting periods. This allows for voters to cast their ballots in person or at designated locations before Election Day. It’s a great option for busy parents or people with packed school and work schedules. 


Visit for more information on how to participate in early voting. 

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