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The In’s and Out’s of In-N-Out

We can do it your way, but don’t be an animal about it! 

By Michaela Chairez and Kim Pham

With three years of In-N-Out employment under our belt, we want to share some classified tidbits for a tastier experience by offering you an inside look at our infamous secret menu.

What are the different ways I can get my fries?

The most popular item customers get off the secret menu are the animal-style fries, which are fries with two slices of cheese melted on top, then smothered with grilled onions and blanketed by our signature spread. For the customers who are lactose intolerant, you can order animal-style fries with no cheese

When it comes to our fries, customers can customize their tators to light (undercooked), slightly light, extra light, light well (more cooked), well done or extra well (which is our version of potato chips). The amount of choices are limitless!

Can I personalize my animal fries?

Hell yeah, we can do it your way! You can substitute the grilled onions for pickles, spread for chilies, or vice versa. If spread isn’t your top sauce, you can choose ketchup or mustard instead. 

You can also tailor the onions to your taste in a wide range from raw and chopped or wholly grilled. Go all out if you’d like, but keep in mind that after two toppings, the extras cost extra.

What’s a lettuce wrap? Tomato wrap?

Our lettuce wrap (AKA protein style) is our most popular bun alternative. But once in a while, we bust out tomato buns for folks who think outside the carb-cutting box. Both cases make the burger taste extra fresh since the produce is always prepped fresh each day..

What are other ways to stylize my burger that aren’t shown on the menu?

You can choose from pickles, chilies, ketchup, mustard, fried mustard, grilled onions, raw chopped onion and whole grilled onions.

Can I mix my shakes?

You can order root beer floats or floats with your choice of soda, and even split shakes into two cups. If the Neapolitan shake is too much for you, vanilla and chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, or chocolate and strawberry may be exactly what you’re looking for.

What’s monkey style? California Style?

We’re often asked to prepare something that’s not on the menu, which is understandable given the array of ingredients and their variety of configurations on our secret menu.

However, there is no such thing as monkey style, California style, or whatever else you want to call it. If the associate doesn’t have a clue what you’re asking for, then it doesn’t exist.

 That being said, In-N-Out’s culture of “Yes” means we always do what the customer wants with a smile. So, we’ll always attempt to create the order that fits your description to the best of our ability.

For any specific mix, flavor, or temperature you request, we can make it happen so long as it’s within the realm of possibilities that our ingredients and safety standards can cook up. 

What’s your order? 


My burger is a double-meat animal style, extra grilled onions, no tomato, protein style. Yes, I have a complicated order. Though, I do mix it up every once in a while.

Sometimes I get cheese. Sometimes I get a bun. Other times I just want the meat patties. I like to keep my co-workers on their toes. I can’t let them think they know me; you catch my drift? 


Because I’m a vegetarian, I usually order a grilled cheese animal style with extra whole grilled onions, extra pickles, light chilies, ketchup, mustard, extra salt and, depending on the day, protein style. 

And when I say extra pickles, I mean that 70 percent of the burger should taste like pickles. When I’m feeling fancy I’ll add raw chopped onions into the mix. Based on my order alone, my coworkers know me as the “extra girl with the high maintenance burger.”

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