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How To Survive Real-World Problems via College Courses

Here are four CSUF classes that you can take to master adulthood.

By Gabrielle Beasca

You know how to write in AP format, multiply and divide fractions, and memorize historical dates that you probably wouldn’t come across unless you’re a contestant in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire — but do you know how to tell if your mechanic is giving you a fair price or if you’re just straight-up getting robbed?

These four classes can actually teach you some handy life skills:

  1. If you want to learn how to get over someone, recover from a break-up, and deal with rejection

You should take HIST 110A – World Civilization to 16c

You don’t have to practice Buddhism to appreciate “the Four Noble Truths.” Let it shift your perspective on how to let go, move forward, and set yourself free.

     2. If you want to learn how to read minds and tell when someone’s lying

You should take HCOM 360 – Nonverbal Communication

It almost feels like a crash course on how to be the next Sherlock Holmes. This course teaches you how to pick up on nonverbal cues that would tell you how a person feels without saying a word. Try me, you greedy mechanic!

     3. If you want to learn how to be single AND happy at the same time

You should take PHIL 325 – Philosophy of Sex & Love

This class will bend your mind in more ways than one, and you won’t be able to think (or walk) straight! Plato’s Symposium opens your eyes to different ideas about what love is. You’ll realize there are more ways to view love than Aristophanes’ Rom-Com cookie-cutter point of view.

     4. If you want to learn how to get rich just by sitting around

You should take FIN 310 – Personal Financial Management

This is Adulting 101 at its finest! Learn how to do your own taxes, pay yourself, make your money work, figure out if your partner is marriage-material, pay close-to nothing for car maintenance, and die a baller. 

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