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By Jordan Lunasco

Tips to ensure that the tip goes as smooth or rough, (if you’re into that) as possible.

In the LGBTQ+ world, Grindr is the app where a person can hookup with whoever they want and no others can say anything about it.

Grindr is an online “dating” application for gay, bi, trans, and queer people. Dating is in quotes, because it is primarily an app for hooking up. You can exchange a few words, send some pictures, and go to a strangers house to have sex. 

A lot of users show up to each other’s houses without actually knowing what the other looks like. This is the opposite of what your parents have told you growing up. Some may consider this randomness arousing. You can call it a Grindr blind box. Show up to their house, and you don’t know exactly what you’re getting until you get it.

That’s the best part of it. I have met up with randoms on Grindr. We do the deed, and then call it a night. You don’t owe this individual anything. 

There is nothing wrong with having anonymous sex with people you meet on Grindr. Here’s how to access your risks when meeting with your sneaky links like this.  Here are 10 tips to help you be more comfortable and safe when you go to meet your hookup.

1. Learn the Grindr Glossary

Someone may message you saying “DTF?” No this does not mean if you want to go to downtown Fullerton. It is important to understand some hookup lingo in case any of these terms are brought up to you.

DTF? – Down to Fuck

PnP – Party and Play (Drugs & Sex)

Into? – Not your interests, but your kinks

Safe – Taking all the safety precautions during play: Condoms, PrEP, etc.

DL – Downlow or closeted

NPNC – No Pic, No Chat

Host – Having a private place to invite people over.

Can’t host – Unable to have anyone over, might live with parents or roommates.

Hung – A big dick

2. Pics are a MUST

Tell him you need to see that face. It should be no issue to be able to get multiple face pictures. If all he is sending is pictures of his dick, that is a definite red flag. It takes seconds to take a face picture. This is the bare minimum. If “HungDaddy69” can not take a face picture, then you probably shouldn’t meet.

3. Avoid Nude Pictures with Face

You may not know exactly who these nude photos may get sent to. Avoid that conflict by ensuring your nude pictures do not have any of your face.

4. Share your Location with a Friend

If you have access to Grindr on your phone, you probably have access to sharing your location with a friend. Be sure to communicate with your friends where you are going for a hookup. If your friend is going on a hookup, be supportive and encourage them to share their location to ensure their safety.

5. Take a Picture of their License Plate

I just heard this tip recently. If you are going to their house or meeting somewhere public, take a picture of their license plate and send it to a friend. This could be valuable information if anything happens to you.

6. Talk about what you Expect to do During the Hookup

Ask the appropriate questions. Find out what most excites you and the other party. Let them know if you want to chat before jumping into action. Some may want to PnP or only do oral. Avoid going to a hookup without explicitly talking about what you both plan to do.

7. Think with the Right Head

If you are not feeling it mentally, you should leave. You may have agreed to do all of these exciting things before meeting, but that doesn’t mean to let the wrong head take advantage of your actions. Walking out of the hookup is completely valid and should not be second-guessed.

8. Ask to Meet in a Public Place First

It may not be a date, but you can at least meet them outside of their place or at a local business. This can be a gauge for you to determine if you feel comfortable going into their home.

9. There is No Rush

If you are nervous about your sneaky link, there is no rush. Grindr offers a voice message or video option, feel free to try out your options before meeting. Don’t let anyone manipulate you into doing something you are not 100% comfortable with.

10. Follow your Gut

Always follow your gut. If something is off about his messages, do not meet up with him. Even if nothing he has said seems wrong, but your gut is giving you bad vibes, then it might be best to stay at home. There are plenty of men in the Grindr sea. It is not worth risking anything for a hookup.