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Helping Hands on Campus

By: Katie Kennedy


College students can rely on being constantly stressed over deadlines, studying and exams.  However, there are some things students should never have to worry about. CSUF offers services to help students ease the stress over food insecurities, where to sleep, what to wear and more.


Here are seven services that CSUF currently offers its students. 




Titan Bites is a service that notifies you when and where free food is available on campus. This is often available after a catered event happens on campus. Just log into your student portal and upload your email address or phone number to join. Click “Join” to sign up for this service. You can find more information on Titan Bites here.




The CSUF Food Pantry is a new service that recently opened on campus. Students can receive free groceries such as canned goods, vegetables and dairy products. Designed as a grocery store, students can shop for up to 10 grocery items and five snack items per week. 


“It’s basically a grocery store. They have all the essentials, and it’s really convenient for students like myself,” said Andrea Casillas, a third-year communications major.  


The pantry is part of the solution to tackle the food insecurity that many students face. There are no eligibility requirements for this service. To sign up for the Food Pantry services and view appointment availability, click here.




The university provides eligible students with on-campus apartment housing for up to two weeks. Meals at the Gastronome are also offered. According to the Division of Student Affairs website, “Temporary Housing is available for displaced CSUF students who are living in their cars; temporarily staying with friends or family; or unable to continue to live in their current residence.” 


Students must meet with the Dean of Students staff and fill out an application to determine if housing accommodations can be made. Only students are eligible for this service. Family members and pets cannot be accommodated. 




Students struggling financially due to an unforeseen emergency or catastrophic event can apply for a Basic Needs grant. This is aimed towards students who can’t meet their financial means through scholarships, financial aid, or other financial assistance. To qualify, students must show a critical need for financial assistance and have no other financial resources available. Students can only receive this grant once and must be in good academic standing to be eligible. The Basic Needs grant is intended to assist with medical, housing, utility, vehicle and other expenses. 




The Gender Affirming closet is a safe and inclusive place where queer students can pick out clothing items at no cost. 


“It is important for CSUF to have the Gender Affirming Closet because it allows for students to have access to a completely free resource to find clothing to meet their needs,” said Nat Betancourt Arellano, the coordinator of the LGBT Queer Resource Center.


Although all students can shop from the closet, Betancourt says this resource was “created specifically for transgender and gender non-conforming students to be able to find clothing items that best align with their expression of gender and self.” The Gender Affirming Closet is located at Pollak Library South 180, and appointments can be made here.




Students can receive free hygiene products from Tuffy’s Basic Needs Services. They offer soap, deodorant, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, razors, menstrual products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs and washcloths. Located at McCarthy Hall 143, students can pick up to five products per month. 




Tuffy’s Career Closet is available for students in need of professional attire. The gently worn clothing is free for students and can be picked up at McCarthy Hall 143. The closet has blazers, ties, dress pants, and skirts. Tuffy’s Career Closet allows students to choose up to six clothing items per month. It is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


“As professional attire can be expensive, some students may not have the ability to purchase needed professional attire to wear to job interviews or at positions they’ve obtained. Students can access the closet to find attire for a job interview, internship, or job that they can keep. Our hope is by finding professional attire through Tuffy’s Career Closet, students feel more confident in obtaining employment when going to job interviews or internships,” said Victoria Ajemian, the Basic Needs coordinator. “Students can access Tuffy’s Career Closet once a month and keep up to six items of professional attire.”


Please visit this website and fill out the form to make a Tuffy’s Basic Needs service request.



Donations of hygiene products and gently worn professional attire can be donated to Tuffy’s Basic Needs Services Center in McCarthy Hall 143.


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