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With Halloween just around the corner, you can recreate the looks of this year’s most talked about people

by Marcos Mora

These three costumes are easy to create and budget friendly, and they’re guaranteed to get your friends talking. Tusk tip: Don’t appropriate social justice movements or cultural groups you don’t belong to.


Photo: courtesy of Jeso Carneiro on Flickr


This footballer didn’t mean to start an internet challenge during the World Cup, but now he’s a meme

  1. Find a yellow t-shirt. Preferably a Brazil soccer jersey, but anything will work.
  2. If you are using a yellow t-shirt, grab a green paint pen at Michael’s and write NEYMAR and 10 on the back.
  3. Wear blue shorts.
  4. Grab a pair of white socks and pull them up to your knees.
  5. Soccer cleats will complete your look.
  6. Drop to the floor and cry like a baby!


Photo: courtesy of Jason Ku on Flickr

Colin Kaepernick

After kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner, the 49ers quarterback launched a political movement

  1. Get your hands on red jersey with gold bottoms. Ask a friend who played in high school. A thrifted red t-shirt and shoulder pads could also work.
  2. If you’re 2018 Kaep you need an afro. Bonus points if you have one already. You can find a wig at any costume store.
  3. Grab a white paint pen and write KAEPERNICK and 7 in all caps on the top of the jersey. You can get paint pens at Michael’s.
  4. Kneel anywhere you go. Better yet: Bring some Nike kicks to promote.

Photo: Wikipedia Creative Commons


There’s nothing more contemporary than dressing up like a rapper with a track record

  1. Braid your hair into as many braids as you can.
  2. Use temporary color to spray every braid with a different color. Or wear a rainbow wig.
  3. Use markers to draw tattoos on your face and your arms.
  4. Put on bright colored/neon clothes and a pair of sneakers.
  5. Cover your teeth with Chiclets gum.
  6. Snap a selfie with the first Nikki Minaj you spot at the party.


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