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Gotta start your curly hair journey somewhere

Products upon products and trial after trial, your coil story starts with you

By: Curly-Haired Tusk Staff


Navigating the journey of hair is no easy task, but Tusk has got you covered.


Antonia Valdez – Fix Your Lid

Curl Type: 2B

Valdez’s hair is flatter towards the top and then springs into curls towards the middle. This caused issues for her, causing her to straighten her hair all through middle school. She later learned to love it after having dreadlocks and chopping it all off. 


She uses two products depending on the day and her hair length. Hairspray with a 3-4 hold is her go-to when her hair is longer, and pomade is for when it is shorter and she wants it to be styled a certain way. Her go-to pomade at the moment is Fix Your Lid.


Carissa Harris – Not Your Mother’s Defining Curl Talk Cream

Curl Type: 2B

Harris was born with straight hair, but when puberty hit, not only did her body change but so did her hair. 


“It was difficult to navigate because my mom had straight hair and would just tell me to ‘brush’ my hair to make it ‘less frizzy,’” Harris said.


Around 14 she began researching how to take care of her hair and learned how to maintain it. She said every day is a learning process, but she has come a long way. 


Juliana White – Mixed Chicks Curl Sculptor

Curl Type: 2C/3A

White’s journey started when she was in high school. As a child, White’s parents would straighten her hair often because she did not like sitting through the styling process of curls. When finally tired of the frizziness, she wanted to start learning more about her curls.


Her mother also has curly hair, which is finer than hers, so she had to turn to articles and trial and error to find products and styling techniques that would decrease frizz and enhance her curls.


Ariana Molina – Biolage Styling Gel

Curl Type: 2C/3A

Biolage styling gel is Molina’s can’t-live-without product. She uses it to help tame her frizz and keep her curls formed. Molina expressed how, about two years ago, she decided to start styling her hair after being discouraged by the effort to fight frizz when not styled.


“I’m still learning more about my hair and products to use. I’m even looking into getting a diffuser, but I’m glad I’ve gotten over my dislike towards my curls,” Molina said.


Cameron Macedonio – Detangling Brush

Curl Type: 3B

Macedonio said he cannot live without his detangling brush. Being the only person in his family with his hair type, he never knew how to care for his curls. Growing up, his family would buzz his hair or style it in a traditionally straight-hair way with loads of gel to forcibly slick every strand down.


“I never really grew up with the necessary knowledge for curly hair maintenance, and honestly, I still am lost a lot of the time,” Macedonio wrote over a text. 


He explained how he has dealt with brushes breaking in his hair, and recently, one of his friends saw he was using a brush not meant for curly hair and was missing pieces, so they recommended a detangling brush and since then, his frizz and detangling time has gone down. 


Arianna Washington – Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner by Kinky Curly

Curl Type: 3B

When growing up with a parent who does not have the same hair type as you, there can be some trauma to be endured. Washington said her mother tried her best, but products would dry out her hair and cause her curls to be unruly and loose. Ultimately, straightening her hair was the easiest. 


Washington said YouTube was her go-to when learning about her hair and explaining that she felt lost and needed to turn to the internet for help. Since caring for her curls, she has found she cannot live without her Denman brush and Kinky Curly’s Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner. 


Arianna Morales –  Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner

Curl Type: 3B/3C

Growing up, Morales did not like her hair because other people told her it looked better straightened. Stylists also only ever cut her hair when it was straight due to not knowing how to cut her natural hair. Once finding a hair stylist in high school who understood her curls, she learned more about deep conditioners and diffusing her hair. 


An item Morales has been loving recently is the Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner.


Jaelynn Wright – Pillow Soft Curls

Curl Type: 3B/3C

For Wright, her journey with curly hair is one of emotion. She grew up straightening her hair to hide her curls to fit in and because she simply did not know how to care for her coils.


“Love your hair through every season. Even if it’s dying, love it. Even if it’s not curling up, and it’s not getting a pattern, still love it. Even if you’re fucking balding, still love your curls,” Wright cried.


She wants people to understand it is a never-ending journey, but not in a discouraging way. Pillow Soft Curls is her go-to product that works best for her hair. It helps make her hair easier to detangle and makes her hair soft and look hydrated.

Annisa Charles – Oil

Curl Type: 3C/4A

Most oils meant for curly hair without additives are Charles’ favorite for her hair. She currently goes between using Verb Ghost Oil and BREAD Hair Oil. She said this helps bring shine to her curls and locks in moisture after refreshing her hair with water and a leave-in-conditioner between wash days.


She made sure to explain she had found that her hair was naturally frizzy and that there was nothing wrong with it. She has learned to love her natural frizz and has found how to control and manage the extra frizz that comes with the weather and a few days after wash day.

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