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By Chloe Hong

Whether you’re majoring in Arts or Business, selecting a signature scent can be a great way to show people the real you on and off-campus.

Here are some fragrance recommendations based on your CSUF college.


College of the Arts

As a creative, you need a fragrance that will highlight your whimsical sensibilities.

You’re someone who likes thinking outside the box. With notes that invoke heart-pounding adventure, these unique scents will set you apart from the rest.

Try: TokyoMilk Wild Whims Parfum or Imaginary Authors O, Unknown!


College of Business and Economics

As someone who understands money, you can appreciate the value of a good investment.

Splurge on a scent that matches your expensive taste, and revel in the luxury.

Try: Gucci Bloom or Creed Aventus


College of Communications

Successful Communications majors utilize their people skills and intuitive nature to great effect.

You’re someone who understands the power of a good first impression. Purchase a pleasing fragrance to really seal the deal.

Try: Elizabeth Arden Red Door or Tubereuse Mona di Orio


College of Education

Professional yet warm, people majoring in Education should pick a scent that matches their desire to teach.

Fresh fragrances with apple notes work wonders to put students at ease, while the sweetness keeps people alert in the classroom.

Try: Dkny Be Delicious or Demeter Golden Delicious


College of Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering and Computer Science majors like to make things happen.

Pick a smart and practical fragrance that will soothe you while you puzzle over problems.

Try: Yardley English Lavender or Manscaped Refined Cologne


College of Health and Human Development

Health and Human Development majors are concerned with the well-being of others.

As such, they should choose a fresh and clean scent that compliments, but doesn’t distract.

Try: Fresh Fresh Life or L’Artisan Parfumeur Au Bord de L’Eau


College of Humanities and Social Sciences

You’re someone who is interested in the world around you.

Pick a fragrance with notes that are universally beloved, like vanilla. Bonus points if your fragrance has a bit of history.

Try: Chanel No. 5 Parfum or Calvin Klein Eternity


College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

You seek to understand what constitutes the world around us.

Pick a fragrance that reflects the natural world, whether it contains notes of wood, patchouli, or vetiver.

Try: Skylar Willow Woods or Rain Demeter Fragrance