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By Stepheny Gehrig

Bad days can plague our lives at the worst of times, especially as college students and being away from your own bed can make it even worse. Visiting places where you can space out, bawl or even recharge can help better your day or even boost your mood. Knowing the best places to process your day and emotions at Cal State Fullerton can provide a little solace during a hectic day.



Daydreaming can be the best way to avoid the harshness of reality and the Arboretum, located near the Anderson Family Field, is a terrific area to let your mind wander. With paths to hike, a lake to reminisce by, and a plethora of trees to sit under, students are provided with beautiful sceneries that will fuel many imaginations. Maybe you can find a friend or two with the turtles and ducks that frequent the lake.



One of my favorite places to have a good cry is the 7th-floor bathrooms of College Park. The building is out of the way for most students — well out of the way for non-communications majors — so there’s less foot traffic compared to bathrooms on the main campus. However, the 7th-floor bathrooms are a secluded hideaway when a good silent cry is needed.

Now, if you’re looking to have a good theatrical cry — with the works: sobs, wailing, and snot — the all-gender bathrooms, located on the southside of the Pollak Library, is the hub. Complete with full-length doors (so shoes can’t be identified) and walls you can dramatically slide down, these bathrooms will have you winning an Oscar for the best breakdown. Although there are more passersby, these bathrooms provide the maximum amount of privacy.



Pollak shines again with a perfect spot to nap; the third floor or the quiet floor is the best one to catch a quick 20-minute snooze. Furnished with cubicles, comfy chairs, and little desks, the third floor is an oasis for students when they need a break. 

Another one of my favorite spots to knock out is at the Titan Student Union. On the way over to the mammoth, you can find little cushioned chairs in the hallway that are just the right size to kick your legs over the armrest and recharge for an hour.