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When students need a pick-me-up between classes or an excuse to chat up that cute barista, Starbucks is often the café of choice. But if you’re tired of long lines and looking for a different brew, Aloha Java’s fresh selection of coffee, teas, and juices serves up a quicker option.

Aloha Java, tucked between University Hall and the Humanities building, offers tasty beverages with a Titan twist. These five orders will help you re-energize or relax around campus.

1. Chai “BOMB” – $4.50

This is Aloha Java’s most popular drink, and has been saving students for over eight years,  says barista Roxie Bullock. Chai Bomb is a mix of classic chai tea with an espresso shot, served iced or hotideal if you need an extra boost of energy and crave the hints of cinnamon and ginger found in chai.

I would say this Chai is bomb, but I’m pretty sure no one says that anymore.

2. Red/Black Eye – $3.50/$3.75

If you stayed up way too late cramming for that bio exam last night, don’t stress. This drink is an eye-opener: house coffee with an espresso shot for a Red Eye. Or add three shots to deliver a powerful punch for a Black Eye.

3. Blended Matcha Green Tea – $4.75

This drink is a perfect cold option for all you green tea lovers. Decaf and blended with vanilla, this is a tasty way to treat yourself after that tough exam or mellow out once your day starts winding down.

4. Iced Thai Tea – $4

Another popular drink on the menu, Thai tea is a staple among boba tea shops close to campus. Sophomore Mach Bui has tried several versions, but says Aloha Java does it best. Complementing their steeping process, she says, “this one’s easier to drink than other places.”

5. Iced Orange Slider – $4

A fruitier alternative is the Iced Orange Slider. Aloha Java will leave you feeling like a kid again with their version of the Orange Julius. Simply orange juice, vanilla and cream, this drink provides a creamy dose of Vitamin C, (so you can convince yourself it’s healthy).

All prices listed are for medium beverage orders.

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