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The Fab Five Centers of the DIRC

By Alyssa Almazan, Jiyo Cayabyab, and Janica Torres


The Diversity Initiatives and Resource Centers (DIRC) is the home to five identity-based resource centers that comprise one big, diverse family. All Fab Five resource centers are located in Pollak Library South 180.


African American Resource Center (AARC) 

 (657) 278-3230

The AARC serves CSUF’s Black/African American and Pan African community through resources, services, and programming that empower and engage students in their black pride and identity. The center serves as a hub and a united front for all the black and African student organizations, as well as a home for the black community on campus.


Asian Pacific American Resource Center (APARC)

(657) 278-3742

APARC supports the APIDA community, which stands for Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American students. Desi is a term in Sanskrit that means “of the homeland,” to represent the South Asian community. The center fosters a holistic development of the APIDA community through caring and culturally responsive theory driven practices.


Chicana & Chicano Resource Center (CRC)

(657) 278-2537

The CRC provides services to the largest diverse segment of students on campus. CSUF is a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI), which is a higher education institution with 25 percent or more total undergraduate Hispanic student enrollment. The CRC provides programs addressing the experiences and social conditions specific to Latinx students and is the oldest cultural-based center at CSUF.


LGBT Queer Resource Center (LGBTQRC)

(657) 278-4218

The LGBTQRC is an inclusive and affirming space for the LGBTQ+ community that supports students in their queer identity development through programs that explore issues such as sexual orientation, romantic orientation, and gender identity through an intersectional lens. The center also provides safe space training for the campus community and coming out support.


Titan Dreamers Resource Center (TDRC)

(657) 278-3234

TDRC is a safe space for undocumented students to find support and legal aid. The center started in 2014 when CSUF took a public stance to support undocumented students and provide a protected place to advocate and help students pursue their dreams. The TDRC counsels students through their academic and citizenship journeys and connects students and their families to relevant resources off campus.