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Tusk Magazine Wins Seven California College Media Association Awards

At Tusk, representing the CSUF student body is our jam. That’s why we focus on diversity, inclusivity, and creative storytelling. Basically, we celebrate what makes us Titans.

In 2018, our efforts paid off. In March, we won seven California College Media Association awards. including a first place as the best campus magazine among California schools with more than 10,000 students.

“Last year we built Tusk from the ground up in every aspect. There was a lot of figuring it out as we went and it’s pretty amazing to see the collaborative work of our team culminate with these awards,” said 2018 Tusk Magazine Managing Editor Lauren Hofer. “The student magazine staff, like Cal State Fullerton itself, was diverse in every way and I think the magazine reflected that really well.”

In addition to the aforementioned first place for best magazine, we also won the following awards at the CCMA 2019 conference in La Jolla, California, all honoring campus magazines for schools with more than 10,000 students:

  • Second place: Best magazine website
  • Third Place: Best magazine cover
  • Third Place: Best magazine column
  • Honorable Mention: Best magazine photo
  • Honorable Mention: Best magazine photo series
  • Honorable Mention: Best magazine story

A full list of 2019 CCMA award recipients can be found here. For more stories for the CSUF community, you can follow Tusk on Twitter at @Tusk_Magazine and on Instagram at @tuskmagazine.

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