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Books that make your heartbeat in two places

Yes, two places: your heart and whatever you’ve got between your legs.

By: Angie Zubia

You know that feeling you get when your heart is beating down there? You’re flushed, blood pumping to your groin, it happens to everyone. There are just not many people that are open to talking about it.

It’s important to acknowledge that we all need to get off sometimes.

Shlomo Sher, a CSUF lecturer in philosophy who teaches a course on the philosophy of sex and love, says that sex and love are both beneficial for college students.

“Sex helps you overcome your aloneness… sex, whether it’s intercourse or not, is an act emerging.”

Clear the stressful and lonesome thoughts running through your mind by picking up a book that will have your toes curling, face flushed and blood pumping to your nether-regions, in exchange for some sweet relief.

Here’s a list of a few books to get your “heart-on”:

1. At Her Feet by Rebekah Weatherspoon (2013)

As of 2019, we live in a day in age where online dating is a THING. In the novel, “At Her Feet” by Rebekah Weatherspoon, she dives into the life of a digital marketing producer, Suzanne Kim.

Suzanne is subscribed to an online dating site,, where her sole purpose is to find herself being a sub. She comes across Pilar, her dom, to get her fixings, but with the connection, Suzanne gets from being around Pilar, she falls in love with her.

2. Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey (2019)

Here we have it, another gripping love story with complications and happy endings.

Listed on GQ magazine’s, “13 Books That’ll Take Your Sex Life to New Heights,” this book is about a clown, Georgie Castle, who falls in love with a professional baseball player, Travis Ford.

This is written as a love story, but there are themes that surpass love.

Georgie actually excels in her entertainment career because of Travis, showing that he cares about more than just sex.

3. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by A. N. Roquelaure (1983)

You read it right, Sleeping Beauty.

This is basically a rewrite of Sleeping Beauty, but instead of gaining a kiss from the prince, the princess is awakened by the prince’s sexual desire towards her.

Whatever tickles your fancy, there’s an avenue for you to feel fulfilled in both your heart and your parts.

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