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The Best Places To Take A Selfie At Cal State Fullerton

If your Instagram needs a makeover stat, these CSUF spots will give your pictures that extra pop.

Creativity and a keen eye can turn any basic campus selfie into a striking photo op. So throw on your freshest outfit and get ready to have some fun with our easy-to-follow tips.

Water wall sculpture, Visual Arts Center

This outdoor sculpture will surely make waves on your Instagram. Tusk recommends wearing something to complement the sculpture’s vibrant blue tones, such as gray or green. Or for contrast, rock an orange or yellow jacket.

The artwork is often under direct sunlight, so consider adjusting the brightness on your camera before snapping pics. Make sure the lens is focused on you so that the sculpture is blurred in the background. Soon you’ll be drowning in followers.

Double scoop ice cream cone sculpture, Visual Arts Center

It’s always time for dessert at the courtyard in the Visual Arts Center. Add some extra eye candy to this delicious creation with your favorite cozy jacket over a pinstriped shirt. They’ll complement the ice cream colors delectably.

Just… don’t try to lick the scoops. Not that we’ve tried or anything…


Fourth-floor hallways, McCarthy Hall

Take the elevator or stairs up to this spot for a radiantly geometric background. Sun rays beaming through rectangular blinds create a stunning backlight to your sultry poses.

Glance toward the camera for a captivating look that will leave your followers wondering why you don’t model for Dolce & Gabbana.

Brick walls, Mihaylo Hall

Keep your pictures classic. Give everyone the cold shoulder and act as if the brick wall is your only friend. Lean toward the wall like you’re giving it a hug. Because the background is simple, be as silly as your heart desires.

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