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B-list Horror Films

By: Gigi Gradillas


Whether you’re a horror movie cinephile or someone who only watches scary movies in October, you’ve probably come across a B-list slasher film, which ultimately means they’re low-budget movies. They’re gory, corny and most of the time, horny. One of the best aspects of this genre of movies is the artsy movie posters. As a self-proclaimed spooky girl who likes to partake in horror festivities year-round, I’ve composed a list of some of my favorite spine-chilling yet tacky and comedic films from the 80s.


1.“Prom Night” (1980)

Starring scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, a group of teenagers are stalked by a crazed murderer looking to avenge the death of a classmate. Obviously taking place during prom night, the set is decked out in a disco dream of technicolor juxtaposed with some gruesome murders. 


2. “Hell Night” (1981)

This was my first exposure to a B-list horror film in 2013. At that time, I don’t think I fully grasped the greatness of a gritty, low-budget film, but I definitely appreciated the campy slasher vibes. Linda Blair, who you most likely know from “The Exorcist,” stars as one of the college students who must stay the night in a haunted manor to pledge their respective sorority and fraternity. A night of quaaludes and whiskey turns into a night in hell as they try to outrun a murderer. 


3. “Sleepaway Camp” (1983)

This film actually contains a plot, albeit the typical camp tropes like a group of mean counselors, a pervy cook and a game of capture the flag. A quiet camper is bullied for her meek demeanor. For being a B-list horror film, it does deal with some heavy themes. It’s revealed Angela, the quiet camper, is suffering trauma at the hands of her aunt. While there is a spotlight on gender identity issues, this film also contains its fair share of unique killings, including one with a curling iron. 


4. “Chopping Mall” (1986)

This is one of my favorites for a variety of reasons. It has one of the best taglines: “Where shopping costs you an arm and a leg.” A group of young people stay behind after the mall closes to party in the empty stores. Things go awry when a new fleet of mall security robots hunts them down. The creative direction of this movie is complete with super cheesy lasers beaming out of the eyes of robots and cartoonish special effects. The script has some pretty comedic moments too, which makes this a perfect movie for people who might not like all-out horror films.

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