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Our Mission

Tusk is the annual Lifestyle magazine of California State University, Fullerton, one of the nation’s largest and most diverse institutions of higher education.

Tusk champions inclusion by amplifying silenced voices, strengthening solidarity, and telling stories that matter to our different communities through deliberate and inclusive journalism.

Our dedicated team of editors, writers, and designers took a radical approach to this year’s edition with the intent to arouse empowerment and subvert the status quo.

In shaking shit up, we hope to uplift our communities and fight for freedom collectively.

Fists up! Tusks up!




Chelsea Reynolds

Tusk Magazine Advisor
Zodiac: Libra

In undergrad I was a Magazine Journalism Major with an English Minor, then earned my M.A. in Journalism and Ph.D. in Mass Communication. I took over Tusk as Advisor when I joined CSUF’s faculty in 2017.

Life Motto: Forget the rules. Build new systems. Challenge authority.

Meet Our Team

Tusk Leads

Janica Torres

Social Justice Editor

Zodiac: Aries

Life Motto: Shake shit up: disrupt and decolonize. Another world is possible.​

Michael Quintero

Co-Managing Editor

Zodiac: Leo

Life Motto: Be weird and understand the world wasn’t made for you.​

Ellinor Rundhovde

Co-Managing Editor

Zodiac: Gemini

Life Motto: Showing up is the hardest part.

Jiyo Cayabyab

Creative Director

Zodiac: Gemini

Life Motto: You can always take one more shot.

Design Desk


Art Director

Zodiac: Aquarius

Life Motto: 10 words or less? The pressure is on.​



Zodiac: Sagittarius

Life Motto: Give way to happiness. Take control of your own power.

Candace Castillo


Zodiac: Pisces

Life Motto: People with great passion can make the impossible happen.​

Photo Desk

Danielle Jaquez

Photo Director

Zodiac: Scorpio

Life Motto: Find what you’d die for and live for it.​

Jack Maskrey


Zodiac: Virgo

Life Motto: Have a good time today and worry about tomorrow… tomorrow.​

Elyssa Ruiz


Zodiac: Sagittarius

Life Motto: You don’t need everything figured out, just start.​

Alex Rodriguez


Zodiac: Aquarius

Life Motto: What is coming is better than what has gone.

Copy Edit Desk

Kristina Garcia

Copy Desk Director

Zodiac: Taurus

Life Motto: Be what you want, but always be YOU. ​


Copy Editor

Zodiac: Virgo

Life Motto: Have faith and be kind.​


Copy Editor

Zodiac: Pisces

Life Motto: Have enough courage to start, and enough heart to finish.​

Multimedia & Web Desk

Samuel Peña

Multimedia Manager

Zodiac: Pisces

Life Motto: Be kind, have fun and… shoot what’s the question again?​

Berañia Barraza

Web Developer/ Videographer

Zodiac: Aries

Life Motto: Seek comfort even in the darkest times.​

Alex Mora


Zodiac: Aries

Life Motto: Just be patient and trust your journey.

Hélène Dréan

Graphic Artist

Zodiac: Pisces

Life Motto: Shred life like a wave.

Social Media Desk

Event Planning Desk

Jonathan Soto

Social Media Manager

Zodiac: Cancer

Life Motto: The best things in life come with patience.​

Kelly Hess

Content Creator

Zodiac: Cancer

Life Motto: I am committed to protecting my peace and joy.

Reina Masquat

Event Planner

Zodiac: Taurus

Life Motto: sometimes the cookie crumbles and we just gotta roll with it.​

Celeste Basich

Events Director

Zodiac: Aries

Life Motto: Find your energy (innerG).

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