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By Ryann Kirk
Are you ever craving something sweet but all you can think of is ice cream and boba? Is 85°C the only Asian sweet you’ve ever tried? Want a place to take adorable photos to level up your Insta game?
My friends are always running out of ideas of places to go, and as an Asian dessert lover, I’m always on the lookout for new places and new types of sweets to try. Being in Orange County, we’re surrounded by lots of wonderful cafes that are perfect for indulging in your sweet tooth. If you need some inspiration on where to go, try these cute, locally-owned Asian places that are perfect for a sweet, unique treat or even a date!
Cafe Maj
This small Korean cafe may seem unassuming from the outside, but their food is amazing. Not only do they serve sweets, but they also have a wide variety of savory food as well! Their croffles and cakes are amazing, and every drink I’ve had from them has been the perfect amount of sweet. Not only that, their customer service is great! More than once, I’ve been given something on the side for free. Cafe Maji is the perfect stop to get lunch and dessert all in the same place! They also provide free wifi and a pleasant, quiet environment that is perfect for studying or catching up with a friend, making it the perfect place for a college student.
Location: 12232 E Artesia Blvd Ste 8 Artesia, CA 90701
The Vintage 1979
This Japanese cake and drink shop is the perfect place to indulge yourself in the cutest cakes you’ll ever see. The Vintage 1979 is a small, family business in Garden Grove that boasts the use of organic ingredients and desserts full of love. Their menu changes with the seasons and is extremely vast, so there’s always something new to try! Along with that, their store is decorated beautifully, inside and outside, with tons of plants. They’re extremely meticulous with their presentation, from delivering your cakes in a golden cage to constantly rearranging the various flower vases they have decorating the tables, ensuring that you’ll have the perfect picture to go along with your perfect dessert.
Location: 10110 Westminister Blvd Ste A Garden Grove, CA 92843
The BAKERY is another family-owned, Korean-based cafe. In addition to cakes and coffee, they offer lots of bread and pastries! They are best known for their Gombo Donut, which is typically filled with red bean or sweet potato, but the rest of the desserts are just as good. They offer a similar vibe to 85°C, so it’s a good spot for someone who is new to Asian desserts! The BAKERY provides fresh pastries and cakes daily as well as changing what they sell frequently.
The most unique thing about them though is that they provide baking lessons to anyone of any skill level just a few doors down from their main store. Whatever is made in those lessons is then sold in their smaller store located in the food court in the same plaza.
Location: 6924 Beach Blvd K-339 Buena Park, CA 90621