2J’s Lounge In Downtown Fullerton Will Make You Feel Transported Back In Time

Joshua De Boer / Tusk Magazine

2J’s Lounge is like a second home that’s always there to welcome you. When you walk in, you sense the intimate feel of their underground, laid back vibe. They’re open 365 days a year, so even on holidays, you can swing by for a drink and cozy up with the regulars who’ve been coming for 15 years.

“When you’ve been working at a place for that long, you see and hear so many ludicrous things that nothing seems to surprise you anymore,” said bar manager Alex Alvarez. The idea to start a 2J’s diary inevitably spawned to keep track of the absurd and amusing anecdotes, bets, and dares heard throughout the years.

Alvarez shared one of his favorite bets,“Dear diary, if my team wins the World Series, I’ll run across the bar naked.” Even as a first-timer, 2J’s staff welcomes you to sign the diary and join their “big dysfunctional family.”  

Alvarez recommends 2J’s as either the first spot you hit before bar hopping in Downtown Fullerton or the last place you go to have a nightcap.

On Mondays, you can catch the game on their big screen TV’s in the patio, play $1 games of pool each day of the week, or channel your inner child with throwback arcade games such as their Kiss pinball machine.

Come on hump day for a free concert with piano man Steve Maggiora and groove along as he belts out R&B, soul, jazz, and original compositions on the ivories.

If you can’t make it midweek for the live music, resident DJ Bobby May plays an all-vinyl set Thursday nights from 9 till closing time. No matter when you stop by, 2J’s offers funky beats and food specials to keep you satisfied every day of the week.

For the locals who’ve been coming for years, 2J’s is their home, and just like any dinner table during the holidays, nothing hides when it comes to family at this dive bar.

Joshua De Boer / Tusk Magazine

2J’s Drink Specials

Bar manager Alvarez recommends these top three drinks:

  1.    Mexican Lollipop

This shot is a 2J’s classic. It’s sweet and spicy flavor is sure to give you a punch.

  1.    Michelada

Ever want a Bloody Mary and a beer at the same time? This drink is made with tomato juice, so you can feel healthy while you sling back the hot sauce, lime, and Worcestershire.

  1.    32 oz beers

These beers are the size of your head and take you back to 1940, since they’re  served in “old school glass milk jugs.”

2J’s Daily Food Deals

Check out their weekly free food deals:

  1.    Monday Night Football

Come cheer on your favorite football team and score a free bacon-wrapped hot dog with the purchase of beer donated from Dragon Dogs between 5 to 9 pm.

  1.    Taco Tuesdays

Taco Ranchero food truck serves up a free taco with every beer purchase from 5 to 9 pm. If you’re vegetarian, opt for the quesadillas or the loaded fries to share with friends. Or just for yourself, we won’t tell.

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