CSUF Students Get Special Discounts On Universal Studios Hollywood, Movies, Restaurants And More

Being a Titan is clutch because you can score free stuff and discounts on a myriad of goodies as a CSUF student. These perks pop up all over campus and extend to local establishments when you whip out your student ID.

No insurance? While your student ID won’t grant you a full ride at the doctor’s office, you can still grab some over-the-counter medicine for those midterm headaches, as well as picking up some Claritin for your allergies.

Need a last-minute spot for a date? Universal Studios may be worth the long drive when you consider the discounts CSUF students can get online.

Hungry? You can grab a (discounted) bite at Philly’s Best or Kabuki Japanese Restaurant.

These perks and more pop up all over campus and extend to local establishments when you flash your student ID, with other deals including tickets to movie theaters like AMC and Edwards, all-day passes from Boomers and free rentals of laptops from the library. You can even get access to Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud software!

You can get information about all of those discounts and more below.

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