This O.C. Pizza Place Used to Be A Gas Station

Now the Costa Mesa pizza shop puts a new-world twist on an old-school business

By: Matthew Mendoza

2145 Pizza in Costa Mesa used to be an auto garage
By: Matthew Mendoza

2145 Pizza looks like an auto garage, with roll-up glass doors, brushed cement floors and a wide-open dining room. That’s because it was a gas station for years on the corner of Placentia Ave and Victoria St. 

The building’s new additions include an outdoor patio and bar seating. The setting alone makes this pizza place a dining experience unlike any other restaurant in Orange County.

“We have an interesting vibe,”  said Vanessa Brandon, General Manager at 2145. “People talk about the vibe, the music, the feel. It’s very open so it’s a great atmosphere for people. We’re very relatable, we try to build that experience with people while enjoying a simple thing like pizza.”

But the food options are anything but ordinary.

Pizza boxes and wood for the oven
By: Matthew Mendoza

Playing Around With the Classics

The menu is a mix of Japanese and Mexican style flavors. Head Chef Eduardo Salcedo uses a 12 year old pizza dough starter that he brought back from Japan.

“Our chef has big Italian and Japanese influences, so we work off of that,” said Raul Saucedo, a sous chef at 2145.

The pizzas feature common Italian ingredients to go along with the Japanese-style fermentation process for the dough. Japanese influences are best seen in a variety of small plates, including shishito peppers, waygu corn dogs, and miso chicken arancini.

“We see all the same food everywhere,” said Saucedo. “There’s so many ingredients different things you can do with things so we like to play around a lot.”

As the seasons change, so do some of the restaurant’s offerings. There are also special menus for different events throughout the year.

On Memorial Day they offered sliders. And more recently, on Halloween, they offered a black dough pizza for their All Hallows’ Eve-themed dinner party.

In addition to lunch and dinner, 2145 offers brunch on weekends from 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. The brunch menu includes exclusive weekend daytime items, such as toasts and pizzas with egg.

Local beers, sake and wine are what’s up at 2145
By: Matthew Mendoza

Bring a Date

The service at the restaurant is just as unique as the aesthetic and menu. With a young staff and a younger restaurant crowd, 2145 offers a date-worthy dining experience.

“The service is very casual. It’s young with a lot of energy,” said Roberto Espinoza, lead bartender at 2145.

At the bar 2145 offers a variety of local beers from many Southern California breweries. In addition to beer, 2145 offers wine and sake.

2145 also serves up bottomless mimosas for brunch on the weekends.

And with roll-up glass garage doors and inventive dining options, 2145 is an Instagram influencer’s dream.


Tusk’s Favorite Menu Items

Spicy Salami Pizza

If you can’t handle the heat this pizza is not for you. The salami is spicy. The chile is spicy. The whole pizza is spicy, but it is extremely flavorful. $19.

Brussels Sprouts

For someone who does not enjoy Brussels Sprouts these are amazing. Pistachios pair perfectly with red wine and mustard vinaigrette for an amazingly flavorful dish. These are great for sharing.  $8.


Garlic. Parmesan. Aoili. 2145’s take on a classic dish is superb. The fries themselves are hot and crispy, and the sauces that come alongside are the perfect complement of flavor. $7.


2145 Pizza


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