Sex Toys: The Best Bang for Your Buck

Here are three sex toys that will set you back $10 or less.

By Korryn Sanchez

College students are good at two things: masturbation and procrastination. We can sit back and have fun until we realize we are just screwing ourselves.  

We have roommates, we live in small apartments and everyone is up in our business. But we have needs. Unfortunately the students I know don’t have money.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best-rated, most affordable and easy-to-hide adult toys on the internet. All of them guarantee discreet shipping.


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Secret Vibrating Lipstick
available on Amazon Prime for $9.68.

This is a waterproof mini toy with four different vibration settings. This battery operated vibrator has a four out of five stars customer rating and is perfectly discreet for anyone with nosey roommates and a clitoris. Or carry it around in your bag for fun on the go.




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The Jackits Throttle Stroker
available on for $9.95.

This penis masturbator is meant for new toy users. The multipurpose toy can be used like a penis ring during sex, can help enhance oral sex and boosts the solo masturbation experience. This toy is cheap and useful to play with a partner or while you are home alone – probably playing video games.



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Neon Butt Plug
available on for an even $10.

This toy is designed for new toy users just starting to explore. It has a wide base with tapered tips for maximum pleasure and optimal safety. For students who love multitasking, a butt plug can help make sex double the fun.


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