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Cozy Up to These Movies During Fall Break

Courtesy of Tim Ellis on Flickr

Grab a blanket and your bestie! It’s time to stream these trending Netflix movies

By: Celeste Martinez

Sweet relief, Titans: Fall recess starts next week. Pick up a pumpkin spice latte and try out a new type of all-nighter. Take a break from your usual study date and enjoy a little Netflix and chill.

Tusk has crafted this list of Netflix original movies you can cozy up between fall break and Christmas, even if it never snows in SoCal.


Horror: The Ritual

A group of old friends go into the woods and run into an unexpected visitor: A dangerous, non-human presence. This movie will make you jump into your movie buddy’s arms, so make sure you’re next to someone you want to cuddle with.

Length: 1hr 34 min

Watch it with: Your girlfriend/boyfriend, hookup or date

Snacks: Chocolate candy, pretzels


Comedy / Drama: Dude

Not knowing where life will take them next, problems begin to arise as a group of teen girls get closer to graduating high school. If you think you’re close with your friends now, this movie will bring you and your friends even closer.

Length: 1hr 37 min

Watch it with: Your campus crew

Snacks: Ice cream, Chex mix


Crime / Suspense: Pickpockets

A group of teen thieves learns how perfect the art of stealing in the city of Bogota from a master of manipulation and conning. Don’t go digging for people’s wallets after this. Pickpockets is only a movie.

Length: 1hr 48 min

Watch it with: Your cool cousin

Snacks: Sour candy, mixed fruit


Romance: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This will make you laugh, cry and root for the underdog as the main character has a secret, fake relationship with the most popular guy in school. Keep your cellphone handy. You’re most likely going to text your crush after this.

Length: 1hr 39 min

Watch it with: Your bestie

Snacks: Hostess cupcakes, mixed nuts


Action / Thriller: The Night Comes for Us

It’s easy to be a top killer when you have all the traits of one, except when something gets in your way, like a good heart. This movie is a tad longer than the others so make sure you’re in a comfortable setting when watching.

Length: 2hrs

Watch it with: Dad, brother

Snacks: Chips, veggies and dip


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