Five Aloha Java Drinks that Will Make You Ditch Starbucks

Aloha Java’s wide range of coffee, teas, and juices are just across the Quad.

By Daniel Steele

When students need a boost of energy between classes or another excuse to chat up that cute barista, Starbucks is often the café of choice. But for those sick of the long wait at Pollack Library, there may be a quicker option.

Aloha Java, tucked between University Hall and the Humanities building, offers to-go beverages with a Titan twist. These five orders will help you re-energize or relax around CSUF.

1. Chai Bomb – $4.50

This is Aloha Java’s most popular drink, says Annie Soukhavong, a barista at the campus coffee shop. The Chai Bomb is a mix of classic chai tea with an espresso shot, served hot or cold. This drink is good for those who want the rich cinnamon and ginger of chai with an extra boost of energy on top of the black tea.

I would say this Chai is bomb, but I’m pretty sure no one says that anymore.
2. Red/Black Eye – $3.50/$3.75

This one is simple: house coffee with an espresso shot. Or three for those wishing they had an Adderall instead.

3. Blended Matcha – $4.75

This drink is great as a cold option for green tea lovers. It is decaf and blended with vanilla, good for those coming down from a day of work or classes.

4. Thai Tea – $4

Another tea item on the menu, this one is a staple in popular boba tea shops all around the area. Sophomore Mach Bui has tried many of their versions but says Aloha Java does it best. Complementing the tea leaves they use, she says, “this one’s easier to drink than other places.”

5. Iced Orange Slider – $4

A fruitier alternative to tea and coffee is the Iced Orange Slider, Aloha Java’s version of the orange Julius. It is simply orange juice, served with vanilla and cream.

All prices listed are for medium beverage orders.

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